Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Villa

While looking for a new Dubai hills villa, there are many things you should keep in mind when buying a villa. Here are some of the most important factors to consider: carpet area, built-up area, and property papers. These documents can be difficult to understand if you do not have experience in real estate. A lawyer can help you sort through the paperwork, and you can also consult with residents who might be able to tell you about the amenities of the property.

Consider neighborhood:

While a home itself is a major investment, the neighborhood in which you buy it will determine the value of your property and how quickly it can recoup your investment. If you choose a place where amenities and infrastructure are lacking, it will remain an expensive burden for years to come. Choosing a place with adequate water supply and infrastructure is vital to making the right investment. 

Carpet area:

When buying a property, calculating the carpet area is of vital importance. A larger space means a higher price. Similarly, a smaller space means less money. The carpet area must be mentioned in the price unit by the builder, and if the builder does not mention it, then he will have to refund the excess amount and charge annual interest. It is, therefore, crucial to find out how much carpet space is available for your property, as well as its square footage.

Super built-up area (SBA) consists of the built-up and common areas of the house. It is the area that the developer is allowed to sell. This area includes the carpet area, balconies, terraces, and common spaces. It is important to find out the ratio of carpet area to the super built-up area, as this will give you an accurate idea of the amount of space you can use. To find out the correct ratio, you should check the RERA’s website.

Built-up area:

Before buying a villa, developers calculated the built-up area of a villa as its super built-up area. They used this as the basis for quoting buyers. However, before the act came into force, it was considered a misleading measure that gave an impression that the villa was larger than it was. That’s why it’s important to understand how built-up areas are measured, as well as what constitutes “common space”.