How To Become A Chartered Accountant?

Accounting is a field which is emerging every day, there is no such business in the world where an accountant is not needed. Even if you manage your home, you will need some accounting skills to see where your money is being spent. You make your daily expenditure and if it exceeds at some point, you view all the receipts and then make another adjustment just like any other accountant in a business. In a single block of a building, you will see at least 15 to 20 businesses which means in every building there will be that much accountants. So, you see why this field is emerging a lot.

According to International Bureau of Statistics there have been more than 50,000 job openings of accountants in a single state of each country, you can well imagine how much jobs there will be in future because people are more encourage towards doing business instead of job. You must be wanting to choose this field as your final career goal and it remember that it will not be an easy path because it will take years of practice and study. Even if you are a well decorated accountant but still each business will have different accountancy ways and each time you choose a different job, you will have to learn about the accounts in a whole and new different way.

First step is to enroll yourself in a degree program and select a major. People mostly select from; financial recordkeeping, ethics, statistics, financial management, personal or business taxes, auditing and international finance. After you have done your degree you can choose a career path and you can choose from being an; accountant, bookkeeping, auditing and financial records, completing tax returns and offering guidance to different people about managing their personal funds.

Since you have decided that in which field you want to start your career, the next step is to find an internship for yourself. Because even if you have done your degree from the world’s best university and you and many medals but still you will need to get an internship. There are very few who get hired right away as well. If you want to do a paid internship, you can contact different CA firms in Dubai and some of these companies also provide Adnoc ICV certification.