South Florida-born but Tennessee-bred (at least for the past 40 some odd years now), Robert Hicks is a southern man through and through. He's written critically acclaimed and New York Times best-selling novels that unapologetically tell the stories of the old south and in October of 2014 he introduced his own small batch, Tennessee-made and -aged, hand-bottled Tennessee bourbon whiskey, Battlefield Bourbon.

We think--nay we know--we like this guy.

Which is why we're so excited to be a part of his southern-skewed event at the end of the month. Author Robert Hicks is hosting a big southern party that will leave you feeling even prouder to be a party of the Great South. Seriously Seersucker includes cocktail hour, dinner, a toast from Hicks himself, a silent auction and dancing the night away with music from a live band. Plus, all proceeds go to support O'More College of Design.

Need another excuse to buy a ticket? We'll be there! Seersucker Candy Co. will be sampling a variety of curious confections that go curiously well with cocktails: Muzzle Loaders, Rosé Gummy Bears, and Bourbon Apricot Gummy Bears. Just in case you wanted to eat your cocktails instead of drink them.

Now, what exactly is a "Seersucker Party," you ask? The wordsmith himself, Robert Hicks explains:

So what is a Seersucker Party? What beyond the obvious of pulling out your seersucker to swank around? Like New Orleans, where seersucker suits, cocktails and seersucker parties were all first invented, it’s an occasion to have fun — music, dance, food, cocktails. For some, it’s an opportunity to wear beloved seersucker one more time this season. For others, it’s an excuse to finally fill in that missing gap in your wardrobe — to be daring and Southern, no matter whence you hail. Kentucky may have invented bourbon, and Tennessee perfected whiskey, but New Orleans gave us the cocktail. The only rule is that you wear seersucker. Show us what seersucker means to you. Seriously, step up and step out. Be daring and Southern.
— Robert Hicks

Ready to by tickets? You can get them here!