The second sweet brainchild of our founder and owner Scott Witherow, the Seersucker Candy Company was created with the intention of reinventing classic Southern confections as a means of telling the story of the New South. With unique approaches to classic candies like Bourbon Balls (Seersucker’s Muzzle Loaders) and Cherry Cordials (Seersucker’s Cherry Bombs), Seersucker draws upon their southern terrior to inspire the evolution of their confections.

Now, we’re not claiming that Gummy Bears originated in or are "home to" the South, but with the South quickly becoming a place where traditional meets nouveau, we thought it would be fun (and tasty!) to put our own jazzy spin on these favorite gummy delights.


It was Scott’s 3 year-old daughter Rose who more or less came up with the idea for these jiggly, wiggly treats -- or at least, we like to give her the credit for it. When Rose asked her dad, “Daddy, can I have candy before my breakfast?” the responses from her parents were as different as night and day. Responsible mommy replied with, “No!” while candy-crazed daddy of course obliged with, “Yes!”

Scott began doling out the likes of Nerds, Fun Dip, Pop Rocks and even simple sugar cubes to his little sweetie, but then it hit him: Why don’t I make something that Rose would like? Neither bourbon-filled dark chocolate truffles nor pickled cherry cordials peaked the 3 year-old’s interest, but he had a feeling fruity-flavored, sugar-coated, bear-shaped gummies might.

Since the idea struck, the Seersucker team has hit the ground running, inventing flavors that kids will enjoy, and concocting others that strike a sound chord with adults. Lemon, grapefruit, strawberry and creamsicle are approved by all, but the “adult flavors” tend towards cocktails, with flavors like whiskey apricot, sake plum, sangria, and rosé, among others.

By reinventing the perception of the gummy from something that is traditionally children's treat into an elevated and delicious treat for people of all ages, we continue to blur the lines between the old with the new. Through all of these efforts, Seersucker brings a responsible understanding of the particular; that particular being The New South.

Gummies, in the making...