With our new shop coming soon to historic downtown Franklin, we’ve found ourselves working night and day to get our brick-and-mortar storefront up and running. It sure is nice to know, however, that while our faces and hands are buried in our work, people near and far are enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Specifically speaking, we are proud to announce that the fruits of our labor are being praised by Food & Wine magazine! F&W has included our Seersucker Cherry Bombs in their roundup for “Best New Candy from 2015,” and we are just delighted. We feel so honored to be included in the company of four other phenomenal brands and products, and we can only hope that this honor means good things are to come for 2016!

Thank you to F&W for allowing us to pick our heads up and take a breath of glorious fresh air, giving us the steam we need to push through to the finish line!


Cherry Bombs
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